COVID-19 Supplies Prioritized for Hospitals & Government Organizations to Purchase with No Markup!

Hats off to Amazon for doing what they can to help in this time of crisis! They are limiting access to COVID-19 supplies by making the most needed ONLY available for hospitals and government agencies. Government agency eligibility includes all 50 states and the three federal agencies leading the nationwide COVID-19 response, specifically the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Department of Defense. This effort will help keep the supplies in the hands of those who need them and out of the hands of hoarders and resellers. What a good idea!

We are doing our part to help spread the word. There are so many hospitals, clinics, providers and more who need help finding the needed supplies. Please pass this info on to those you think may need it and who fit these qualifications. Spread the good. Love your neighbors!