Are Coworking Spaces Healthy for Employees?

The idea of having adjoined desks with no cubicles separating them might make some employees believe that productivity might be hindered. For those considering to convert their office space to a coworking environment need to reassure themselves that this will be the best decision. 

Research that has been conducted by Harvard Business Review to get some insight into this matter. What were the results? Are coworking spaces really healthy for employees? Here are answers to that.

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Work ethic is improved

One of the major coworking space benefits is that it improves work ethic amongst employees. Working in a coworking space promotes collaboration and better office culture. 

For example, when another employee is in distress, they do not need to go to a different room and ask for help. They can just reach out to the person sitting across the table and get assistance much faster. 

You can also rent out or convert an office coworking space for a particular team that collaborates on projects frequently to do so much efficiently. 

That does not only streamline work but also boosts productivity and develops a positive attitude towards their job. There is a lot of value that might be derived from working at a coworking space regarding work ethic and productivity. 

Employees do not feel isolated

Being in an office cubicle alone can make you feel bored or even isolated at times. That will reflect on the work you output and might damage the career you’re trying to build. 

Working in a coworking space environment, you feel alive as you’re interacting with different people daily. Fellow workers will become more like family instead of just colleagues that you barely see. 

They share ideas and even a simple discussion can lead to great references. Who knows, when you are exploring health essay topics for high school students, someone might mention Samplius to you. Simple things lead to big ideas and that is what coworking is about.

Staff meetings will be much fun and engaging because everyone will contribute. Employees won’t be shy to share ideas because working in a coworking space makes the entire team collaborate freely every day. 

That will result in innovative thinking that is powered by collaborative cooperation manifested every day. Employees will then also feel happy with coming to work every day because of the office culture you have cultivates.

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Working equipment can be shared

Having different office cubicles located all across the building can waste costs for the company. For example, each office might need to have a printing machine or other equipment for employees to do their work. 

Whereas, using coworking space that can have a central printing machine and other equipment can be very affordable and convenient for employees. 

In some cases, if you rent out coworking space, the office comes with printing machines and free copying paper monthly. That is much affordable as the equipment is serviced by the building owner. 

In that case, your employees do not have to worry about fixing broken equipment or suffering from downtime while you get a technician. That is advantageous for both you and the employees working in a coworking space instead of separated office cubicles.

Coworking office space is available all around the clock

If you are renting coworking space, they will definitely have their own security and most buildings with this service are available all around the clock. Whereas, if you run your own office building, there might be a time to shut down all computers and lock up. 

That might not be as flexible to employees and can create a bottleneck for their work. If employees need to cover up on some work, they might not be able to do so but a coworking office space allows that to happen. 

Since it is available on all days, employees might also feel comfortable working hard on days leading up to taking days off work. That can work for you and the employees as there won’t be outstanding work because of someone who took days off.

Final thoughts

Coworking office space can be very efficient for employees because it offers the flexibility, opportunity to collaborate together, and build friendships. During staff meetings, coworking employees will feel much more at ease to share their ideas and engage in a meaningful way. If you’re wondering whether you should hire coworking space, the answer is a yes but it depends on your business’ personality and office culture.


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