CRAZY Black Friday Prices are HERE! What to do about buying, waiting, and risking sellout or price changes? **IMPORTANT READ!**

Black Friday prices and sales are here! A few HUGE store-wide sales start tonight and the crazy hot single deals have been popping up from time to time today and even earlier. It’s time for a little refresher on shopping these crazy sales!

  1. If you find your item at the price you want – BUY IT NOW!
  2. If you see something you want don’t assume it will be there later or even in two minutes – BUY IT NOW!
  3. Did you just see a chance to buy your must-have item at the Black Friday priceBUY IT NOW!

Do you see a theme there? I hope so! These HOT ROCK BOTTOM PRICES are usually limited in time and online stock. This is amazing and happy for all of the online shoppers who get the deals and often upsetting and sad for those who miss it.

This presents a problem for us as we try to share the best Black Friday deals with you. Some deals will sell out in minutes – or less! We do our very best to only bring you deals that are in stock. We always verify the deal and then post. Sometimes the hottest deals will sell out within moments of us doing this. Unfortunately some of the deals will be sold out when you see the post on our blog or Facebook page. If this happens to you, please understand this happens and we do our best. Many times the deals with come back briefly so it is wise to leave the deal published just in case. (And often it just isn’t practical for us to stop and take the time to revisit all of the deals once we post them. We have to hurry with all of the other deals.) If we didn’t try to post the hottest sell-out-in-moments deals, we’d be letting you down. Some people do get them! 

Moral of the story today – Black Friday pricing and stock can change at any time! Don’t wait to purchase the deal or it might be gone when you come back!