Create The Perfect Homework Station on a Budget!

Kids are either already back in school or headed back soon and that means the homework is going to start rolling in. I’ve found the perfect place to create a homework space in our home and it’s been working well for us. Your personal homework space should be relaxing and inspiring as well as comfortable! Here’s what you need to create your own homework station on a budget!

Work Space: Create a space specifically for homework. This could be the kitchen table, but I wanted a place where they’d only be working on homework, hoping they’d be able to concentrate better. So I bought some wood at the local hardware store, sanded and stained it then attached it to the wall with some shelve supports. It was a quick DIY project and one that didn’t cost to much.

Have your supplies within reach: Depending on what school year your kids are in you’ll need different supplies. We’re in elementary school so I thought it’d be important to have the standard pencils and pens but also colored pencils, crayons and scissors.

Place a garbage near by: I don’t like paper clutter so this was important to keeping the area and their backpacks organized. Hopefully it will get used. You could easily make it a recycling bin as well for the kids to put only their papers to be recycled in. This will help with keeping your area organized and inviting.

Have the computer easily accessible: now a days a lot of homework is done online. Make the computer easily accessible and have your print attached and ready to go for the school year. Don’t forget while getting the rest of your school supplies to pick up printer ink and paper.

Have good seating: no one wants to be uncomfortable while doing homework. Get some good chairs that they’ll be comfortable in but also ones that force them to sit up and not fall asleep. I found these chairs at IKEA and they’re actually pretty comfortable and not out of our budget. You can easily find chairs at the DI or a garage sale that you can pick up for cheap.

And last but not least try finding a relaxing scent. I love running my diffuser while my kids are studying. I’ll put some calming and relaxing scents inside while they have their homework out.

Are you ready for your kids to go back to school? What tips and tricks do you have when it comes to getting homework done?

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