Cut Back on Technology with These 5 Tips

techWe are surrounded by technology in our every day lives. Do you notice how many times you are looking at a screen or checking your phone? If your’e like me, it’s a lot. It can start affecting your attitude and even your happiness when checking in on social media so often or staring at a screen. I’ve found it so refreshing to step away and cut back on technology just a little bit. It feels freeing and makes my life so much better.

Silence the Notifications. This is huge and I make sure to do this on all of my social media pages. If you have alerts to every app you have, you would constantly looking at your phones for updates on what’s going on. If you don’t have those going of non-stop, you are less likely to click on the app and get sucked into more time on the screen then you normally would. If you need to have notifications on for work or other events. Set those for just the time you need them. At night or on vacations be sure to silence those.

Set No-Technology Times. A lot of families do this at dinner time until bed. I love that idea. It’s the time you are all together as a family and can actually communicate to each other instead of everyone staring at a screen. So set a time that is good for you and those you live with. When do you see them the most? When would be the best time to set no-technology time? Once you set those times, you as the adult have to be the example and follow through. It may take time to get in the habit but once you do, it’s so worth it.

Be Present. I’m always amazed when I’m at lunch with friends or my family and I look around and notice how many people are on their phones and not communicating with those they are eating with. It’s kind of gotten out of control. Right? One way to cut back on technology is to truly focus on where you are at. If you are with people, try not to get on the phone and truly be present in the moment. Make it a goal or a game when you are going out to not check any social media apps the whole time you are out. Can you do it?

Vacation from Technology. When on vacation be on vacation. Turn off your phones. Hide your tablets and computers and be surrounded by no technology. Take a true vacation and refresh with the outdoors and family. After you’re back from vacation you may have noticed how nice it was to not constantly checking your phone. That may help you make new habits with technology in your daily life.

Find Hobbies. Do you notice when you are busy you don’t check your computer or phones as often? If you notice yourself on technology too much, then make your self a little more busy. But healthy habits into your life that will take that time. Think of joining an exercise class, art class, volunteer at a local church or school. Serve your friends, family and neighbors. Plan time to be outside and go on walks. This will help you get out of the habits you may have and get you into something more physically, spiritually and emotionally fulfilling.