How To Cut Down on Your Budget After You’ve Cut Everything You Can

budgetI did a post earlier on how my husband and I had it really rough back in the day. I mean, we cut down majorly and had to live on a grocery budget of $30 a week. Sometimes, that budget was reduced to only $25 a week. We had an extremely tight budget and it was a very difficult time for the both of us, but we made it and you can, too. So, what do you do when you feel as if you have cut your budget as much as you possibly can, but you still find yourself struggling? Here are some tips that will help you out.

Focus on the Positives

It’s extremely important that you stay in good spirits when you’re trying to live on a very tight budget and always keep in mind that you have options. For instance, you could figure out new recipes for beans and rice. Likewise, you could always try to take surveys online or use certain smartphone apps to earn some extra cash in your free time. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, you should focus on what you can do. That way, you’ll be more motivated and inspired.

If you think about what you can do or you find yourself becoming depressed about your situation, you’ll have the feeling of hopelessness and you may find yourself stuck in your situation. It’s important that you stay motivated and don’t give up or else you’ll find it very hard to keep your head above ground. Remember that you’re living a frugal life and that by sacrificing things right now you will be able to gain so much more in the future. Instead of going deeper in debt, you’re doing your best to climb out of the hole.

Keep a Journal

This one may sound crazy and you may be scratching your head right now, but I don’t think I would have survived those rough years with my husband in the beginning if I didn’t have my journal. Every day, despite how I was feeling, I would journal about three things I’m thankful for. Doing this will help you remain positive and look on the brighter side of things. Whether than worrying about what you don’t have, you’re focusing on what you do have.

Consider Going to Work

As I mentioned above, my husband and I were living a very frugal live and we were in debt. To dig yourself out of debt, you may need the aid of an extra income. This helps in the short-term and it also helps in the long-term, because you may be able to get out of debt and save some money along the way.

I found out that I was pregnant and that’s when I became really motivated to get out of debt and I also wanted to be a stay at home mom to take care of our baby. Therefore, I found myself trying very hard, working endless hours trying to make as much money as possible. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much in return, but my hard work paid off for me later down the road.

Now, I’m a stay at home mom and I’m also living a debt-free existence. There are tons of ways you can make some extra income. I would suggest you start looking around at some of the topics we have on the site and you’ll not only find ways to save money, but how to make money, as well.