Cut down on your expenses this year with these tips

We are several days into 2018 now folks!  How is it going for you so far?  Are you still keeping with those resolutions?

Do you have financial goals set for this year?  I’m assuming part of those goals include cutting back on expenses, since that’s always the my go-to for saving money.  What all is included in your plans to try and cut down on expenses this year?

If you need a little help brainstorming ideas to keep your expenses down, check out this list of tips:

  • Set aside a day for phone calls.  Take the time to call around to your insurance companies (auto and home) and see what savings they can offer you.  If they can’t provide any savings, don’t be afraid to call around.  Sometimes you will find that another company can offer you big discounts.
  • Cut cable.  Yeah, I know.  You are tired of hearing this one.  But it WORKS!  The average household spends $100 per month on cable.  That is $1200 per year.  Imagine what else can be done with that money.
  • Combine your trips.  Make your errand trips count.  If you find yourself running different errands every day, you are probably wasting a considerable amount on fuel in your vehicle.
  • Go through your memberships and subscriptions.  Do you really need all of those things you are signed up for?  For example, many people pay $11 per month for Netflix, $8 per month for Hulu and another $99 per year on Amazon.  Do you really need all of these different streaming subscriptions?  My guess is no.
  • Have an energy audit done.  Most of the time you can get an energy audit free of charge from your power company.  This may open your eyes to wasted energy in your home and that means wasted money on your bills.

Do you have any great ideas for cutting back on expenses?