*CUTE* Iwako Japanese Puzzle Eraser Sets From $3.99 Shipped

Back-to-school time is quickly approaching, and it’s always nice to get the kids something a little fun for school supplies. Like these Iwako Japanese puzzle erasers! They’re simply adorable!

These are erasers, but each figure can be taken apart and put back together again like a puzzle. There are several sets available, with prices starting at just $3.99 with free shipping.
School Accessories (Set of 7) — $3.60
Zoo Animals (Set of 7) — $3.64
Sea Life (Set of 7) — $3.99
Safari Animals (Set of 7) — $3.99
Desert Food (Set of 10) — $4.39
Fast Food (Set of 7) — $3.99
Random Animals (Set of 20) — $7.49