CVS Coupon Machine Freebies

Below are the new CVS Coupon machine coupons. When you print these coupons, they will expire the same day they print. So make sure you use them when they print for you.


  • Free Carefree Pantiliner 20 count (up to $1.87)
  • Free CVS Fabric Bandaids 20 count (up to $4.29)
  • Free Hersey Caramello Candy Bar 1.6 ounce (up to $1.19)

More coupons

  • For 3 days only, get 10% off your next Beauty Purchase that can be up to $99.00.
  • $2/$10 contact lens care, general eye care or ear care.
  • $3/$15 grocery purchase.
  • $2/$10 diet or nutrition bar purchase.
  • $3/$15 baby care purchase.
  • $2/10 coffee purchase.
  • $3 off any battery purchase.

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