CVS Scenarios for New Card

If you are a regular reader you may have noticed that I tend to overachieve a bit. I love taking on new challenges and tasks. I am not a frequent CVS shopper and have actually just started shopping there three weeks ago.
But I have had such great success that I have decided to take on shopping there for my in laws. My in laws are very lovely people and while they love free stuff they don’t have the time to shop at CVS the right way. So I am going to do it for them. The start of May is a good time to start a card for them.
I was very lucky to get a coupon from All You for free Adidas deodorant in a trade. I also have 3 Colgate toothbrush coupons, three Aquafresh toothpaste coupons and two $3 off $15 CVS coupon.
This is what I am doing for them:

First Transaction
4.99 One Adidas Deodorant
3.99 One Colgate toothbrush
19.99 One OneTouch Mini Blood glucose meter
-3 one $3/15 coupon for updating email information since this is a new card
-4.99 Free Adidas coupon from All you Magazine
-1 colgate toothbrush coupon from 4/27 inserts
-19.98 OneTouch coupon from 4/27 inserts
= zero + tax out of pocket and I will earn $8.98 in ECBs

Second transaction
7.98 two Colgate Toothbrushes
8.97 three Aquafresh toothpastes
-3 $3/15 coupon
-2 two colgate coupons
-3 three Aquafresh coupons
-8.95 in ECBs from prior transaction (adjusted down)
= zero + plus tax OOP and earn 16.95 in ECBs

They will end up with one deodorant, three toothpastes and three toothbrushes plus 16.95 in ECBs for future transactions. Experienced CVSers, does this plan sound right to you?

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