Daily Money Tip: Create a Basic Facebook Account for Freebies

Today’s Daily Money Tip is about how to create a basic Facebook account for freebies and coupons. Almost every company is marketing their promotions through a Social media channel like Facebook or Twitter. The promotions are more often on facebook and many of you have expressed concerns about sharing your personal information on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook you can start an account on Facebook easily and the amount of information you need to share to do is minimal:

Sign up page – Fill out the following info:

o Full name (doesn’t need to be your real name either)
o Email address (use the same email you use to sign up for freebies)
o Password and password confirmation
o Birthday

Step 1 – Find Friends. If you only want to use this account to sign up for freebies choose to skip the step. you will see the link to skip the step on the lower right hand side of the page.

Step 2 – Profile Information. You do not need to share any High School, University or Employer information, so choose to skip this step as well.

Step 3 – Profile Picture. This is not a required step either so choose to

Step 4 – On the next page it will ask you to go to your email to complete the sign up process. In your email inbox, click on the email named: “Just one more step to get started on Facebook” and click on “Complete Sign Up.”

That is all of the steps and basic information you need to share to create a basic account on Facebook. This way you won’t miss out on the increasing amount of promotions manufacturers are running on this social media platform. On a following post I will share tips on how to protect your information if you are using your “personal” Facebook account to sign up for freebies.

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Thank you for reading the Daily Money Tip: Money Management for the Time Deprived.

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