DataBar Replaces UPC

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the UPC code on manufacturers coupons from are not always printing? This is nothing to be concerned about because these coupons are actually valid. There is a change coming in the coupon world. Say goodbye to UPC and say hello to the databar!

The 12 digit UPC code has become obsolete. A more advanced barcode system has now been released called the DataBar. The DataBar code is much longer than the traditional UPC because the DataBar is much more advanced. Within the DataBar code will be the coupon’s expiration date and additional code that will tie the coupon to the accurate product, meaning less fraud.

The DataBar will also help retailers deliver a better experience at the checkout due to the better scan rate, which will prevent the cashier from having to manually enter the code and check for expiration dates. Keep on the lookout for this at your local stores!

This is valuable information to be aware off in case you encounter cashiers that are not privy of this new change.  Hopefully knowing this will make your checkout experience better.

Thanks, Frugal Finders!

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