A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Is it silly to be sad when one of your favorite columnists leaves his column? Then call me silly.

Last night I finally had some time to read some of the columns in the Wall Street Journal. I have three favorites: Fiscally Fit with Terri Cullen, Love and Money with Jeff Opdyke and Getting Going with Jonathan Clements. As I am reading Getting Going I noticed the column was written by a different writer. I decide to look at the archives and Jonathan Clements left his column at the beginning of April! I am honestly sad, I always very much enjoyed his writing.

Before leaving though he wrote about what he learned after writing more than 1000 columns. He concluded that wealth can bring three benefits but that even if you are not rich you can still enjoy this benefits:

  1. If you have money you don’t have to worry about it. There comes a time after you have been saving for a while that money worries are not at the top of your list. Savings deliver financial serenity. However, this serenity can also be accomplished if you learn to live within your means. Living on less than what you earn and saving prudently puts you in control of your finances and once you are in control you can feel confident about what you are doing.
  2. Money gives you freedom to pursue your dreams. I think we all have different images of what we want to do when we retire but I think I am clear on. Despite what my husband says you can’t golf everyday for the rest of your retired days. I think a lot of us look forward to having the time to devote time to a good cause and find purpose on what we do on our retirement. However, savings can afford you the freedom to trade a career for a job that fulfills you more even if that means less income.
  3. Money can buy you time with friends and family. Sure savings can afford you money to travel to see friends or invite them to dinner. But from all that money can afford this is the one that requires the least amount of money invested. Sitting down to talk with family or friends is an activity that can be afforded by everyone.

These days I try to think very little about money. Sure I am concerned about the economy and our finances. But I don’t want to miss out on the joys life brings me everyday because of these worries. I’d rather be on the what’s happening right now than worrying about what may be.