DealPulp: Try ThreadUP for $1

Thread up is a used clothes swap place.  The way it works is you send a box of clothes and get another one back.  Right now you can try ThreadUP and get a box of gently used clothes ($15.95 value) for just $1 shipped.  This is an offer available to new ThreadUP users only.

This is a deal being offered by DealPulp for $6.  BUT if you are new to Dealpulp you get a $5 signup credit you can use towards this purchase.  I have to tell you something, my kids use plenty of hand me downs but I am a litle nervous about getting used clothes sight unseen.  but I guess for $1 it is worth a try?  It would be better if there are any of you who have used thread up and can share your experience in the comments..

Looks like this deal is popular and the site is getting slammed.

Thanks, Keeping Cents!