Debt Support Groups

There is an article in the Wall Street Journal today about how Americans are turning to support groups to kick their credit addiction. The article mentions a few groups created by individuals but also by churches. It also mentions a community I used to read in the past: Ivillage debt support group. I am not sure if this article is open to the public but please check it out here.

The article touches a little on how finances impact couples. There is one case mentioned where the woman dumped the boyfriend because he kept eating all of her food. So she was spending too much money on feeding him basically. In another one the guy also got dumped but this time because the girlfriend didn’t want to hear anything about being on a budget. What is funny is the parting comment from the second dumped guy. He refers to the ex-GF who won’t go on a budget as “too fun loving.” I guess he considers his now financially responsible life boring and not fun at all. It is probably that attitude that you must spend money to be having fun that got him in trouble.