Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Some of the best costumes for Halloween are home made. There are many ways for parents to dress up the kids and save money making Halloween costumes. And the best part is that it can be done using things already have in your home.

Busy As A Bee 

Here’s an idea for a low-cost Halloween costume for the little one. Start with a pair of black tights or leotards and a black tee shirt. Now use yellow tape to make stripes around the top in wide stretches so the little rascal looks like a bee.

For wings, bend some wire hangars in the shape of wings and cover them with white trash bags, taping the bags in a tight fashion or securing with glue.

Use a standard head hair band on the head, using pipe cleaners or large garbage bag ties to make antennas.

This cheap Halloween costume can go a long way on Trick or Treat night!

All The Way From Heaven 

Think your little one is an angel? Well, at least he or she can be dressed up like one as a low-cost Halloween costume. And again, this can be done with things that are probably readily available in the home.

Start by going through your kids’ closets and pull out the white things – white socks, white tees, white tights, white pants, white shirts. Dress the child from head to toe in white. For a flowing affect, grab a white shirt out of your own closet or even your husband’s.

Your angel is not ready to fly yet, though. Wings are needed. Grab a couple of wire hangars and bend them to look like wings. Cover with white plastic garbage bags, tighten and then tape or glue to secure the plastic against the hangars.

For extra flying power, cover the wings with coffee filters.

Your angel needs a halo. There are a number of ways to make one. If you have pipe cleaners, take 3-4 and band together in a circle. Another way is to use the plastic tops from canisters you buy food in, such as Doritos or Cheetos or oatmeal, or even the top from a can of coffee. Cut out the insides while maintaining the circle. Then paint over with white shoe polish or white paint.

Use the pipe cleaners to attach the halo to the back of the child’s costume. Instead of pipe cleaners, wrap some shoestrings around some chopsticks (free at your local Chinese restaurant) and secure to halo and costume with tape or glue.

Super Hero 

Most kids have a favorite super hero. How about making your child a super hero all his own!

Start with tights or leggings, then a long sleeve shirt, and they don’t have to match. Next comes the super hero logo. Is it a letter or a star or a lightening bolt? Martha Stewart provides templates for these logos free of charge at

While on the site, get an extra template to use on the headband. A headband can be put together from one you may already have in your house from jogging or playing tennis.

Secure the logo to the shirt and headband with glue or sew it on.

Goggles are a nice touch if you have a pair from biking or playing racquetball.

Next is the cape… Use a regular bath towel or even a kitchen towel. Secure it to the back of the child’s shirt with tape or glue or a safety pin.

Wallah! A cheap Halloween costume at a super low price for a super kid!

Don’t let Halloween prices scare you. With a few household items, a bit of ingenuity and a lot of imagination, you can make your own low-cost Halloween costumes.

Photo Credit, Dollar Store Crafts