Dollar Store Finds That Can Save You a Bundle

dollar store finds

I love my dollar store!

In addition to being a thrift store junkie, I’m also a dollar store junkie. It’s one of the first places I go when I’m looking for smaller products and grocery items. After all, you really can’t beat something for a buck that you would find elsewhere for way more.

So, what are some of my favorite dollar store finds? I’ll tell you!

Glassware and Dishes

Drinking glasses are one of my favorite dollar store finds! The ones I get are thick walled and virtually indestructible. The glasses I got at the dollar store have lasted for years; on the other hand, the thin set of glasses that I bought from another store have already all chipped, cracked, or broken. You can also get a decent full set of dishes for a great price at dollar stores.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are some of the best dollar store finds! I do love Hallmark cards, but sometimes they’re just a bit too pricey. Sometimes when I need some greeting cards, I’ll head to my local dollar store instead. In my Dollar Tree, not all cards are one dollar – some are two for a dollar! Even better!

Kitchen Items

Although some of the kitchen gadgets aren’t exactly great dollar store finds, I still love browsing through my dollar store’s kitchen aisles. I can usually find cheap kitchen towels, dish cloths, pot holders, salt and pepper shakers, cutting boards, and lots more!

Baskets and Containers

A house can’t have enough baskets and containers! While most of my large baskets have come from the thrift stores, I have picked up a lot of smaller baskets from the dollar store. Some of my other favorite dollar store finds are those little plastic buckets and baskets. They’re great for holding toys and just about anything else.

Garden Supplies

My dollar store has a garden section, and this is usually the first place I head when I go. You can often find cheap seeds, small bags of potting soil, garden tools, gloves, and containers. The plastic buckets I mentioned above also make excellent planters, just be sure to drill some holes in the bottoms for drainage.


Anyone who walks through a dollar store finds out quickly that – just like many other stores – these little discount stores also carry clothes. Now, you aren’t going to find any jeans or high end clothing, but you can find some basics. For instance, you can usually find plain tshirts, underwear, socks, and even bras.

Hair Accessories

Forget paying out the nose for simple hair accessories! Head to the dollar store instead, where you can snag bundles of hair ties, cards of barrettes and clips, headbands, and combs for just a buck. While you’re there, you can also pick up some hair spray and hair gel.

Personal Hygiene Products

Personal hygiene items are essentials for every household. You can usually pick up cheap shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, shaving cream, and other essentials at the dollar store. You can also find moisturizers and body sprays too. My dollar store also carries pregnancy tests and – no joke – home marijuana tests, although I might question the accuracy of these.

First Aid Items

Stocking a first aid kit can be expensive, but not is you head to the dollar store. Some of the best dollar store finds are the first aid items. You can find rolled gauze, gauze pads, bandages, antibacterial ointment, tweezers, aspirin, and other items to stock a first aid kit. I’ve even seen compression bandages at my local dollar store. You can also buy rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide at the dollar store, although these items may be a little cheaper elsewhere.


What are some of your favorite dollar store finds?