The dos and don’ts of gambling online

As long as you abide by a few simple rules there is no reason why gambling online, whether it is casino or sport betting, should put your finances at any major risk. It’s just important to remember to gamble responsibly. The first rule to remember and it is one that is equally true whether it is online casino or sports, is to not put bets on anything you don’t really understand. For example, if you are new to playing at iPad Casino sites, you should restrict yourself to the slot machines, until you are familiar with the rules of more complex games like blackjack and poker. For sport betting, place your bets only on sports you have some knowledge or interest in.

Following this tip will reduce the likelihood of making ill-advised reckless bets that can cause heavy financial losses. The danger of that will also be greatly reduced if you manage your finances – and casino or sport gambling without knowing your budget limits is a definite ‘don’t’. It is absolutely essential to be clear on what you can afford to risk losing through gambling, and not exceed this amount. If you were visiting a land-based casino (or bookmaker) you would enforce this by not taking any more than that sum in with you, but with online gambling, you need to enforce it by other means – with keeping this budget in a separate bank account being the best way.

Another ‘don’t’ when it comes to online gambling is betting higher sums in an attempt to win back losses as occasional losses are par for course even for professionals. If it is not your night, what you should do is simply accept this, walk away, and try again another night – as that way you minimise the financial hit. Walking away when you are winning can also be hard, but people who earn a sustainable living playing poker or betting on sports will tell you that quitting while you are ahead is key. If you are just a hobby gambler, walking away is more about ensuring your gambling remains a fun hobby, but just as important to bear in mind.