Dry Clothes in Less Time For Less Money!

Dry Clothes

Laundry is a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it! It can also be time consuming and expensive. You can dry clothes in less time and even save a little money doing it too!

Here are a few little tips that you may want to dry next time empty the washer to dry clothes…

Skip the Fabric Softener Sheets

Although skipping the softener sheets won’t save you much time when you dry clothes, it can save you a little money. To get your clothes super soft, add some apple cider vinegar to the wash. If that fabric softener smell is a must in your home, make your own reusable fabric softener sheets. Soak a kitchen sponge into a solution of cheap dollar store fabric softener and water, wring it out, and toss it into the dryer.

Shake Out Your Clothes

When you pull your clothes out of the washer, give them a good shake before you toss them into the dryer. This increases the surface area and helps the clothes dry faster.

Clean the Lint Trap

It should go without saying, but that lint trap needs cleaned every time you dry clothes! A clogged lint trap can be a fire hazard in some cases, and it can also increase the drying time for clothes. Over time, a clogged lint trap can also ruin a dryer, forcing you to look for a costly replacement.

Separate Lightweight Clothes

Lightweight clothes and fabrics take much less time to dry. Heavier fabrics, like jeans and towels, can take up to twice as long to dry.

Hang What You Can

Skip the dryer when you can, and hang or air dry some of your items. I always was bras, underwear, and lightweight tops together and hang them on hangers to dry. It takes a little more time than tossing them in the dryer, but I don’t have to run the energy hog of a dryer.

Time Your Drying Time

Does it really take the whole 60 minutes for a load of clothes to dry? Probably not. Next time you dry clothes, time how long it really takes for them to dry. Start checking the load every ten minutes starting at twenty minutes. You can then set the timer for the true time it really takes to dry your clothes.

Don’t Overdry Clothes

Besides being hard on fabrics, overdrying clothes also wastes time and energy. Instead of waiting for them to be bone dry, pull out clothes when they are almost dry. Hang them on hangers to continue drying.

How do you save time and money to dry clothes?