Earn 4 Times the Fuel Rewards Points When You Buy Participating Gift Cards at Any Kroger Owned Store!

It’s back! At Kroger and Kroger owned stores (think Smiths, King Soopers, Ralph’s, etc.), you can earn 4 times the fuel rewards points when you purchase any participating gift card from their gift card center in store this Friday, Saturday & Sunday! You’ll first want load the coupon onto your Kroger card. Then the extra fuel points will automatically load onto your card at checkout.

So I would grab a gift card from here first before you head out shopping so you can get that FREE Fuel, also think of all the stores you’ll be doing your shopping at this Christmas! It looks like there are tons of stores participating in this promotion includes Chipotle, Game Stop, Kohl’s, ToysRus, Taco Bell and more!

**Only purchases made with your loyalty card from the Kroger Co. Family of stores or 1-2-3 Rewards Visa are eligible. Excludes the Kroger Co. Family Stores gift cards, all prepaid reloadable debit cards and all financial variable load cards.

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