Earn Amazon Gift Cards with These Tricks


Are you looking for ways to stretch your Christmas budget? I always love finding fun ways to earn Amazon gift cards to use on my Christmas shopping.  I do 75% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon anyway, so if I can easily earn the money to spend there, why not do that instead of spending money out of your bank account?

Have you ever found any great ways to earn?  I have used several different avenues before to earn Amazon gift cards, but the two ways that I am going to talk about here are, in my opinion, the easiest:


Swagbucks offers you points for doing different activities.  From taking surveys, to watching videos, to searching the web to referring friends.  I guess what I am saying is that there are many ways to earn points and these points, in turn, can be exchanged for gift cards.  I personally always choose to go with Amazon gift cards for two reasons.  First of all, Amazon is awesome and I’m always spending money there anyway.  Second, the exchange rate is much better on the Amazon gift card than it is on other gift cards.

Seriously, you can watch videos and earn money toward gift cards.  Who doesn’t want to do that?

Trade In

If you are anything like me, you have way too much stuff laying around your house. Did you know that some of that stuff can be turned into Amazon gift cards?  Yep, it’s true.  Here are the different things that you can trade in to Amazon:

Books – Books and textbooks especially can be traded in.

Mobile Phones – You can type in the information regarding your cell phone to get a value, which can be converted into Amazon gift cards.

Tablets or Laptops – Similar to cell phones, you simply need to input your electronics information into the Amazon search feature and find out what your gadget is worth

DVDs / Video Games – Amazon sells pre-owned DVDs and video games therefore they accept them in trade.  

In all of the above cases, once your item is received and verified to be in good condition, your gift card will be applied to your Amazon account.

Have you ever earned Amazon gift cards before?  What is your favorite way?

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