Easy Tips to Avoid Going Into Debt This Christmas



Do you have game plan set for your holiday shopping this year? Do you know how much you plan to spend this holiday season? Regardless of how much money you may have, it’s never a good idea choose credit and going into debt as a way to pay for your holiday gifts and purchases.

There are some easy tips that you can follow that will help you avoid going into debt this Christmas.

  1. Shop year-round. If you haven’t yet started your Christmas shopping that’s okay, it’s still pretty early. Next time you head out on a shopping trip be sure you keep your eyes open for good deals that will make good Christmas gifts. Try to shop like this year round so that you can keep a well-stocked gift closet full of great gifts that did not cost you a lot of money.
  2. Give homemade. There are countless homemade gift ideas out there that can be made for a small amount of money. And people really do enjoy homemade gifts. Several years ago we got smoked salmon from a family member that happens to be a fisherman and it was everyone’s favorite gift that year.
  3. Use coupons. We encourage coupon use for everything else, why not Christmas gifts? There are lots of coupons that are released forĀ items that will make good gifts. Keep your eyes open for these coupons and be sure and visit our site often for any new ones that may pop up.
  4. Shop clearance. Clearance items are a great way to save on Christmas gifts! Whether you’re looking at clothes, household goods, or even toys and electronics. With some stores you can find clearance marked as much as 75% off.
  5. Set a budget for each person. Make sure you have a list of all of the people that you need to shop for this year. Once you have your recipient list set be sure to set a budget for every person. If you start your shopping with a budget you are far less likely to overspend therefore less likely to charge the purchases and go into debt.
  6. Just remember that the holidays are about family and spending time with those you love. It’s not about who gets the biggest, most expensive gift. Make sure you focus on what’s truly important this holiday season.

Do you have any holiday budget tips? How do you make sure to not go into debt during the holiday season?

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