Easy Tips for Getting Organized


Keeping your home and life organized is not an easy task, but doing it keep your life easier.  

In order to do that though, you must take actions to help keep your home and life organized in order to prevent it from getting cluttered.  Once you have it organized and clutter free, it is easier to keep it that way.

Get your family involved.  When you are talking about keeping a household organized, it is much easier to do when it is a family goal.  An organized home is makes for a much smoother daily life.   Those rushed mornings will start to go smoother and life itself starts to flow easier.

Schedule your days.  A schedule is nothing to fear.  Having a schedule is a great thing and a huge benefit to keeping your home organized.  Decide at what point throughout the day that you can spare any extra amounts of time, even 15 minutes here and there can make a difference.  Use this time to focus on specific household jobs such as going through your mail, putting away the laundry, etc.  The small amounts of time are easy to do because they are not overwhelming and you would be surprised by how much you are able to accomplish in 15 minutes.

Set realistic goals.  If organization isn’t your strong suit, don’t set huge goals to fix it.  Instead, set smaller, more attainable goals.  Saying that you are going to always keep your house clean and organized is unlikely to just happen, however saying that you are going to wash, dry and put away 1 load of laundry per day.  These smaller goals are easier to maintain.

Hire help.  If there is a particular job that you that you have difficulty doing, consider hiring help.  Once the job is complete, it is much easier to keep that way.  Sometimes it is well worth the expense.

Reward accomplished goals.   If you are not born to be an organized person, changing your behaviors is difficult. They say it takes 21 days for a habit to take effect.  Once you have completed your goal 21 days in a row reward yourself with a night out or a new purchase that you have been wanting.  The idea that a reward is coming is a great motivator!