Easy Ways to Save on Groceries

easy ways to save on groceries

In addition to housing, groceries are typically one of the biggest expenses for a family.  We all want to feed our family well, but we don’t want to go broke doing it.  Luckily, there are ways to save on good food for your family!

Here are some easy ways to save on groceries.


If you have been following our site for long, you know all about how much you can save using coupons for your groceries and household expenses.  Find coupons here on our site, in your Sunday paper and company websites and social media channels!  


Many grocery stores have club cards that you can sign up for which gives you exclusive coupons and discounts. Oftentimes, you can download an app, which can save you even more.


Planning your menu in advance saves you a significant amount of time and money.  With menu planning there are less last minute trips to the store and less junk food bought.


Shopping at a store that you can buy in bulk will help you save money.  When you buy in bulk, you pay low per unit pricing.  For example, I recently shopped at my local grocery store where they sell oatmeal in bulk for just $0.63 per pound.  This is MUCH less than the $3 per canister price that you can buy on the shelves.


Follow a “Meatless Monday” type of meal plan.  Cutting meat out of your meals at least once away can save, on average, over $10 per week!  This is over $500 per year!  This is also a healthy idea and it’s fun to incorporate new recipes into your family’s meals.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your leftovers.  You don’t want to just throw them away, so instead, be sure to use them for lunch the next day or stretch them out for a second dinner.  You can use them for the same meal or create something brand new. For example, meats and veggies can be turned into stews or casseroles