Eat Healthy with These Tips


It is so hard to eat healthy. Trust me, I get it completely.  Typical diet food is expensive and it is just so dang cheap to buy enough top Ramen to feed a crowd for the typical price of one meal. Keep in mind though, these are not healthy ways to eat. It is important that we take care of ourselves and our health now while we still have it. 

Since I’ve been working on it for so long now, I wanted to try and help you learn to eat healthy with these tips and maybe save a little bit of money while we are at it.

Eat Healthy with These Tips

Shop the perimeter

Seriously, y’all, follow this tried and true advice. Shop the perimeter of your store for the healthiest options. This is where you will find the produce, meat, dairy,  etc. Sure a lot of the packaged stuff says healthy on it, but I assure you, those foods have loads of additives.

Check the freezer

While not quite as healthy as their fresh counterparts, you can still find great healthy options in the freezer section. You can get many different types of fruits and vegetables frozen. 

Meal plan

Making a plan for what you are going to eat for the week or month is a great way to stay eating healthy. This will ensure that you stick to healthy items when you shop for your upcoming menu.

Meal prep

Cooking in advance helps keep you from last minute, bad food choices. Trust me. It is much harder to convince yourself to drive through the fast food restaurant when you know you have a prepared meal at home.

Try New Things

Many healthy recipes are actually quite delicious! Be sure and try new recipes often to keep yourself from getting bored. When you are introducing your taste buds to new recipes, it will help keep you from getting burned out on the same foods over and over again.