Emergency Prep on a Budget

Emergency Prep

The catalyst for taking the first steps toward emergency prep is different for all of us. Some of us are worried about a zombie apocalypse, anĀ ebola outbreak, financial collapse, or just some wicked weather. Whatever the reason, preparing for an emergency is just common plain common sense. It can mean the difference between being relatively comfortable during a crisis and scrambling around for bare necessities.

Unfortunately, emergency prep might not be the first thing on your mind when money’s tight. However, not making emergency prep a priority is a mistake that can cost you big time when it truly counts. It’s better to have something and not need it than need something and not have it.

With that being said, emergency prep doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Follow these tips for emergency prep on a budget…


Keep it simple, sweetie! The simpler your emergency prep stash is, the less it will cost. Stick with the basics, like food, water, and first aid supplies.

Build a Stash Slowly

You don’t have to get everything for your emergency stash at one time. Build it slowly, so it’s more affordable. Set a small budget, say $5 or $10, each week to devote to adding to your emergency prep items.

Reuse Water Containers

Water is essential to have on hand in case of emergency. Buying bottles and jugs of water isn’t always affordable, though. You can reuse water and soda jugs and bottles, however, if you thoroughly wash and sanitize them before filling them with water. If you reuse containers for water, you should also keep some water sanitizing tablets or unscented bleach on hand to sterilize the water just in case. Replace water in recycled containers very few months to be extra safe.

Visit the Local Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are a great way to add to your emergency prep stash. You can find all sorts of supplies for just a buck, including first aid supplies.

Clip Coupons and Shop Sales

You’ll get the best deals on emergency prep supplies by using coupons on sale items. Shop during weekly sales and stock up when prices are super low on non-perishable foods and other supplies.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Information

I personally think that one of the best things to have in your emergency prep stash is simply information. Print how-to articles or pick up how-to books at thrift stores on self-sufficiency and survival skills. Collect information on first aid, water sanitation, food preservation, cooking without a stove, making fire, finding edible plants, and growing your own food. There’s a good chance that you won’t need much of this information, but like I said – better to have and not need than need and not have.

Do you have any other tips to help grow an emergency prep stash on a budget?


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