Exclusive Swagbucks Code For Common Sense with Money Readers


Sorry guys, code should be fixed now and working.

Almost two months ago I shared with you how I was going to “earn money from home” by using Swagbucks.  Swagbucks is a search and win search engine.  You earn “Swagbucks” when you search the web through them.   I have been using ti dayly for the last two months and average two, but for sure one Swagbuck earned per day.  To make sure I use it everyday, I use it to search for the sites I visit everyday.  For example, I know a lot of you visit this blog via Swagbucks and thank you for that!  But the best way to accelerate your Swagbucks earnings is by participating in Swagbucks events.  For example every Friday is Mega Swagbucks day.  Last Friday, I earned 10 Swagbucks right off the bat!  It really made my night and I was excited to share that on my Facebook page. In addition you can accelerate how many Swagbucks you earn by spreading the word between friends and family and getting them to start doing the same.

I am being very diligent about using Swagbucks because I want to accumulate as many Swagbucks as possible to help fund my Holiday Gift Fund.  So far, it’s looking good and I would love to be able to trim my out of pocket expense by redeeming Swagbucks earned for Target Gift Cards or Amazon Gift certificates.

This week Swagbucks is launching a lot of new features on their website including:

  • On Tuesday: Video Game Section Expansion: We will be adding 1000’s of new and used titles to the video game section of the Swag Store, and offering a special sale on many of these titles.
  • On Wednesday:  Shop&Earn Favorites: This great new feature gives you the ability to choose your ‘Favorite’ stores in our Shop&Earn mall, and receive updates on new coupons that originate from these retailers.  So not only will you get SwagBucks for your purchases, you will be notified immediately when a great deals becomes available!
  • On Thursday:  Swagbucks.com 2.5 Launch.  Swagbucks.com 2.5 is the next evolution of the Swag Bucks homepage. It will feature a new cleaner look, with easier navigation & quick links and a few new special element.  Swag Bucks Widget:    The widget  will feature a search box, prize images and swag code alerts.

To celebrate these new additions on the Swagbucks website, Swagbucks has provided Common Sense with Money readers who have not signed up with Swagbucks yet a special code.  In addition to earning 3 Swagbucks when you first sign up with Swagbucks, by using the code MONEYCOMMONSENSECODE (case sensitive), you will get an additional 3 Swagbucks for a total of 6 Swagbucks for signing up with the website.  This new code works for new sign ups only.  This code is available for new sign ups between now and June 16th at 11:59pm PST. If you are already signed up for Sawbucks, you can use this code to get friends to give Swagbucks a try and earn extra Swagbucks form their referrals.

If you are signing up for the first time, please check out my initial post about Swagbucks.  I explain how I have added the Swagbucks search bar to my browser to make use of this search engine easier and faster for me.  So, if you haven’t yet I highly recommend you give Swagbucks a try.  Make sure to add the search back to your browser so it becomes a habit to use it faster.