New Extreme Couponing TLC Series

extreme couponingThere is a new Extreme Couponing TV Series on TLC.  This series follows four coupon users as they shop their way to free stuff using coupons and deals.  The TV show portrays a wide range of extreme savers.  You have the person who spends an excessive amount of hours clipping coupons and hunting deals and then you have the person who does it a bit more reasonably.

The show has sparked a lot of buzz from people who misunderstand coupon users as well as those who feel outraged by how these people are being portrayed.  but most importantly the show has sparked the interest of millions of people in learning how to save money using coupons.

If you are interested in learning how to get free stuff and free groceries using coupons and deals, I have some important tips to help you achieve this goal:

1) Start small but get started. Be  realistic and don’t expect to start pulling the same type of stunts these people pulled on the show on your fist shopping trip.

2) Focus on the stores near you and narrow it down to 2-3 stores.  No need to be shopping all around town.  Focus in leaning how to save big at your favorite grocery store and learn how to shop at the drugstore near you.

3) Slowly but surely start building a stockpile of items that your family will use.  No one needs 1,000 boxes of cereals or thousands sticks of deodorants.  At most you need about a supply for around 8 weeks.  This is the length of the sales cycle and when most likely the item will come back on sale.

4) Before you shop, look for coupons for the items on your list in the coupon database.

5) Subscribe to Common Sense with Money to get all of these coupons emailed to you daily.  Never miss a deal!  Also follow Common Sense with Money on Facebook to get hot freebies before they are gone.

Read, read as much as you can, invest time in learning how to shop at several stores.  It is the best way to save time and save yourself frustrations.