Fannie May Order Alert

I just wanted to bring this up to your attention.  If you were able to order yesterday using the $25 off code I shared, you NEED to read this post by Jenny from Southern Savers.  Basically, Fannie May has decided to back out the $25 credit on the orders and overcharge your credit cards by that amount. So, check your credit card balance right now to verify any overcharges. If you find any overcharges Jenny suggest following these steps:

1. File a report with your credit card for false billing ( After all you should have your email confirmation showing the $7-$10 charge amount.)
2. Call Fannie May and cancel your order and they will refund the money.

For questions concerning an on-line shopping order: Call 1(800)333-3629 or email

You can take it one step further if you like.

1. File a report with your local Better Business Bureau.
2. File a report with your State Consumer Affairs office.

Honestly, I don’t know what to think of situations like this. As a previous Auditor it is very hard for me to understand why companies fail to implement appropriate controls on the promotions they start. While you may think that “deals gone bad” is the fault of blogs like this or user forums, I don’t believe that’s the case. Yes, we help distribute information BUT this information has a source and if it is a working code then the source is the company itself.

Thanks Kara for the heads up on this.