Our Favorite Campfire Treats!

We’ve spent as many weekends as we could out enjoying the mountains with friends and family this summer! Which means we’ve also cooked a lot of different treats around the campfire. It’s been so fun trying different treats each time we go out. Here’s some of our favorites you should try the next time you’re around the campfire!

Sweet & Salty S’mores – This is similar to your regular s’mores but instead of using graham crackers, try ritz crackers!

S’mores in a Bag – this one we haven’t tried yet but we have everything packed and ready for this weekend. Just get the individual size bags of teddy grahams and add your chocolate and roasted marshmallows inside. Easy and sounds like it won’t be as mess.

Roasted Starburst – I’ve heard talk of this one for a few years now but this was the first year I’ve tried it. Just unwrap your starburst and roast them the same way you would your marshmallows. You’re cooking them just until they start to bubble and almost crystallize.

Woof’em Treats – We’ve made these in years past and it’s always fun to come up with different filling ideas. If you’ve never had these all they are is biscuits that you’ve popped open from the cans. You wrap them around a woof’em stick and bake them over the fire. Then fill with your favorite sweets. We’ve done pie fillings, pudding, nutella, cream cheese and always top them with whipped cream.

Banana Boats – these are a classic and one my kids love. Simply open a banana and slice them long ways. Then put inside some mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and other sweets you desire. Wrap it all in foil and let it warm up over the fire.

There’s still lots more summer nights you can enjoy a sweet treat over the fire. Do you have others you and your family love to eat?