Find the Biggest Savings on Prescriptions With SearchRx!

searchrx If you ever head to the pharmacy for prescriptions, you probably already know that medications can be pricey. It's no secret that the cost of prescription drugs these days is simply outrageous. But, did know that you could be paying even MORE than you should? The truth is, prescription drugs are like almost any other products. Little do people know, prices on prescriptions aren’t the same everywhere! Different stores have different prices on prescription drugs. Prices can even vary between pharmacies in the same chain. The SearchRx app can help you find those savings! Using SearchRx is quick and easy. Just type in the drug you need to search your local area. 4-1-7-inch-_28ipho-1 You can then compare prices from the different pharmacies in your area and choose a pharmacy. unnamed Once you've found your best local pharmacy price, saving with SearchRx is easy. Simply print out, email, or receive your prescription coupon by text message, then present this coupon to your pharmacist when you check out. unnamed-1 You can use the SearchRx app whether you have insurance or not. The SearchRx coupons can't be used in conjunction with insurance, but sometimes a prescription will actually be cheaper than the insurance co-pay!

Download the SearchRx app and start saving on prescriptions today!


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