Where to Find Cheap or Free Reusable Grocery Bags

Cheap or Free Reusable Grocery Bags

Plastic bag bans, it seems, are sweeping the nation. Well, maybe not sweeping the nation, but they’re certainly becoming more well-known and popular. Plastic bag bans are ordinances that prohibit businesses from distributing plastic grocery bags to consumers to carry their groceries or other goods. The newest city to implement a plastic bag ban is Los Angeles, which started its ban on the first of this year.

So, without plastic grocery bags to carry a haul, what’s a stockpiling couponer to do? Snag some cheap or free reusable grocery bags, of course!

Although my town has yet to implement a plastic bag ban, I have recently tried to start using them myself. Not only do I feel better about slightly reducing my carbon footprint, but I can also cram so much more into reusable grocery bags! They also don’t rip open and send my goodies clattering across the parking lot.

I started with some free reusable grocery bags, and I plan to add more to my collection in the coming months. Since I don’t have the cash to plunk down on super high end bags, though, I’m on the lookout for cheap and free reusable grocery bags.

Here are a few different ways I plan on picking up my cheap and free reusable grocery bags…

Go Shopping

Some stores will have promotions where they give away free reusable bags from time to time. Staples, for instance, often has bag sales, where customers can pick up free reusable tote bags at the front of the store and get 20% off everything in the bag. That’s like a double whammy, since I’m always hitting up Staples for something. Many stores also sell cheap reusable grocery bags at the registers these days as well.

Get Online

Businesses and companies will sometimes run promotions and giveaways where you can snag some free reusable grocery bags. This usually requires filling out a short form or Liking a brand on Facebook. You might also be required to fill out a short form. You can also usually buy cheap reusable grocery bags online as well. Try checking Amazon, which is where I found some adorable reusable tote bags that folded up into strawberries.


Earth Day is coming up soon, and there’s no better holiday for snagging free reusable grocery bags than Earth Day. It’s all about reducing waste – like plastic grocery bags – and taking better care of our planet. Scout out free community events on Earth Day, and I almost guarantee you’ll head home with some free reusable grocery bags!

Get Crafty

THere are tons of different ways to make reusable tote bags from items you already have in your home that you’re most likely going to throw out anyway. Why not be even greener and make your own free reusable grocery bags? Get creative and try your hand at tshirt totes, crocheted totes, pillowcase totes, and dish towel totes.

Hit the Dollar Store

Yay! My second favorite store! Dollar stores usually have fabric bags that can be used for reusable grocery bags. Just make sure that the bags are big enough for your shopping needs before buying them. Also, inspect them well to make sure that they’re strong enough to hold up to your shopping trips as well.

Go to the Thrift Store

If you haven’t figured it out by now, thrift stores are my favorite stores! You can just about find anything at a thrift store, including reusable grocery bags. Since these are pretty small items, you should be able to snag them for under a buck a piece, which is a pretty decent price.

Any other ideas for where to get cheap or free reusable grocery bags?