Find Cheap Movies and Build a Home Movie Collection!

Cheap Movies

Any movie buff needs to have an extensive home movie collection! Accumulating movies, though, isn’t always an inexpensive task. DVDs and Blu-ray discs cost money, and some of them aren’t cheap movies!

Building a home movie collection doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, however. Cheap movies aren’t impossible to find, if you know where to look.


Typically, digital movies are cheaper than traditional hard copies of movies. If you have a device or TV that’s capable of playing digital movies, consider purchasing new cheap movies from places like Amazon, Google Play, or iTunes. The upside to this, besides getting cheap movies, is that you won’t have to find any place to store them. You can access them from any device or TV that’s capable of playing them.

If you prefer hard copies of movies, don’t forget to check your favorite retailer’s websites. Walmart has a nice collection of movies that are $5 or under, and prices of movies frequently hit rock bottom on Amazon.

Bargain Bins

If you’ve ever walked through the electronics section at big box stores like Walmart, you’ve probably notice the huge wire bins of cheap movies. These movies are usually only around $5, but I’ve seen them as cheap as $3 before. They may not be the latest and greatest hits, but you can acquire old favorites for your home movie collection without going broke this way.

Discount Stores

Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Big Lots are all great places to find cheap movies to add to your home movie collection. The titles in discount stores can vary widely and it can be hit or miss at times. Some days you’ll find lots of favorites, other days you might find a couple decent movies, and sometimes you won’t find anything you like.

Thrift Stores

I know my thrift store carries a decent selection of cheap movies. I can usually find at least a couple DVDs or Blu-rays that I like for just a buck each. The selection of cheap movies from thrift stores is all over the place. Any and every genre is represented here, from old classics to almost new releases. Just be sure to check the condition of the movies you buy at thrift stores to make sure they’re in good shape.


You can’t get much cheaper than free! When someone asks what you want for a holiday or birthday gift, don’t be shy! Give them a short list of a few titles you’d like to add to your home movie collection.

Any other ideas for where to find cheap movies?


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