Find More Storage Space in Your Home

More Storage Space

More storage space is often at the top of almost every homeowner’s and renter’s wish list. After many years on this earth, most of us tend to just collect stuff, without ever actually thinking about where we’ll put all of this stuff.

Even if you think you have no storage space, there’s a good chance you can carve out a little bit extra storage space in your home, no matter how tiny or full it is. The key is to think outside of the box.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Before you go on the hunt for more storage space in your home, make sure you don’t have more stuff than you actually need or use. Go through closets, attics, basements, drawers, and anywhere else you stash your stuff, and get rid of what you don’t need.

Be ruthless with this task – if you don’t need it or use it, and it’s not sentimental, get rid of it. Sell it, trash it, or give it away, but just get it out of your house. Getting rid of the stuff you no longer need will free up a great deal of extra storage space in your home

Look High

Ceilings and high walls are often neglected, and most people don’t think of them when they need more storage in their home. Consider adding long shelves high on your walls close to your ceiling or above doorways or windows. All you need are some L-shaped shelf brackets, some screws, and some boards or plywood. You can then paint the shelves to blend in or contrast with your walls.

I did this in my kitchen and use the shelf to store over-sized pans and oodles of cookbooks. If you have unattractive items you need to store, you can always pick up some cheap baskets at the thrift store to place on these shelves.

Look Low

I know your mama always told you never to stash things under your bed, but… Empty spaces under large pieces of furniture often make great stash spots if you need more storage in your home – if you do it properly, that is.

Don’t just shove junk under your furniture. That’s messy and sloppy. Place items that need stores in low baskets, bins, or boxes instead. Flat wrapping paper boxes make excellent storage bins for under your couch or bed, for instance.

Climb the Walls

The walls are a commonly overlooked area when people need to add more storage. In reality, walls can be used for much more than just hanging pictures and art. Just make sure that anything you fasten to a wall is secured to the wooden stubs inside of it.

Adding more storage to your home can be as easy as adding a few shelves and baskets. You can also haunt thrift stores for used wall units and entertainment stands that can be placed against your wall. A bulletin board makes a great mail catcher, and a pegboard is awful handy for hanging household necessities on in the utility room.

Peek Inside Doors

Everyone knows you can use closets for storage. However, most people completely waste the space on the inside of the door.

Add organizers or shoe racks that are designed to go behind doors for more storage inside closets. You can also add small shelves or racks to the insides of smaller doors as well, such as kitchen cabinet doors. Just make sure that the shelves don’t interfere with the door closing first. Trust me on this.

Store in Plain Site

If you can’t stash it out of the way, stash it in plain site. The trick here is to use interesting and attractive storage units.

Invest in some large baskets that you can place in the corner or the room, or an ottoman that doubles as a storage unit. An old used entertainment center or wardrobe can also be used for more storage; just close the doors, and no one will be any the wiser. Old suitcases and hatboxes also make attractive storage units and add a stylish touch to the room.

Have you found more storage in unusual ways or places in your home? Tell us about it!