How to Find More Time in the Day


Are you like me?  Busy parent, working adult struggling to find time to accomplish everything that is on your to-do list?  This to-do list seems to grow every single day and I feel like I just can’t ever reach the end. So…I decided to challenge myself to find more time in the day to accomplish more of my responsibilities and guess what?  IT WORKED!

That’s right. I found more time in the day.  Would you like to do this as well? If you said yes, then here it is, my friends.  Here are my favorite tips on how to find more time in the day to accomplish more of your to-do list:

  • Wake up earlier.  Don’t overdo it, especially if you are not a morning person, but give it a shot!  Even 15 minutes earlier in the day can give you more time to get stuff done. I wake up an hour earlier than my family and that allows me time to work out, check my email and sit quietly enjoying my coffee before it gets crazy.
  • Shut off social media.  That’s right, friends, it’s time to put a stop to the non-stop social media.  You don’t have to delete it, but give yourself a time limit on how much time you can spend each day.  You will be amazed at the stuff you can accomplish when you aren’t scrolling Facebook or Instagram.
  • Delegate.  You don’t have to do it all alone, unless you live alone that is, but if you have family or roommates in the house, there is no need for you to do everything.  I started handing off some chores to my children and it has brought me a ton of extra time!
  • Say no more.  Don’t be afraid to say no more often.  You are not a superhero, you cannot do it all.  Quit trying. Be realistic about the things that you can logically accomplish.  I promise it will feel so much better!

How have you found to bring more time to your day?