Find the Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee Goodies Quickly!

Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee Green balloon

**UPDATE 11/26/15* Check out THIS POST for more info on the 2015 Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee!


I gave you a little rundown on the Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee yesterday. If you want to know more about it, how it works, and how to avoid any problems with it, make sure you check out yesterday’s post. However, I wanted to give you all a little more info on how to find the Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee items.

Last year the Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee items could be found during Event 1 and Event 2 in the Walmart Black Friday sale. This year, though, the 1-Hour Guarantee items are only available during Event 1. The Walmart Black Friday ad shows the following items with a 1-Hour In-Stock Guarantee:
So, how do you go about finding the 1-Hour Guarantee items without going insane? Well, there are a few different ways…

Check the Walmart Black Friday Store Maps

If you’ll be headed to the Walmart Black Friday sale this week, make sure that you check out your local store’s Walmart Black Friday store map first! Most areas have the Black Friday store maps ready for Black Friday shoppers. You should be able to locate where the Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee items are by perusing the map.
If you’re unable to load your store’s map on the Walmart website, you should also be handed a store map when you walk into the store before the sale. Just make sure you arrive early, so you can be in line for your 1-Hour Guarantee voucher!

Follow the 1-Hour Guarantee Balloons

Once you get to the store, just follow the green balloons. Specially marked green balloons will be used to mark where each Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee item is located in the store.

Ask a Walmart Associate

The Walmart Black Friday sale is going to be crazy for sure! If you’re not sure where to locate the 1-Hour Guarantee items, though, don’t be afraid to ask a Walmart associate for help or directions. They should be able to direct you to the 1-Hour Guarantee items you’re looking for.
Just understand that this is one of the most stressful shopping days of the year – not for you, but for them! Every employee can’t be expected to know where to find the Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee items, especially if they’ve just been hired for seasonal help. So, if your first inquiry is unsuccessful, just remember to be polite and ask to be directed to someone who does know where the 1-Hour Guarantee items are.

Look for the Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee Items Online

Wanna know the dirty little secret of the Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee items last year? Many of them were available online as well as in stores! Shoppers who were unable to actually go out and try to snag the 1-Hour Guarantee items were actually able to purchase them from the Walmart website at the advertised prices! Some of the items were even available hours after the in-store events were over.
I doubt there will actually be an actual 1-Hour In-Stock Guarantee on the items online, though, so the early birds will get the worms on the super hot items. I’m not saying skip the sale in hopes of snagging one of the coveted Walmart 1-Hour Guarantee items online, but if you’re unable to make it to the store on Thanksgiving, it’s definitely worth a shot to check online!


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