First Canning of the Season: Peach Butter

This past weekend I picked up 6 pounds of peaches at my grocery store so that I could make peach butter. I made this last year and we have been enjoying crepes with peach butter on the weekends for breakfast.
Anyway, I won’t lie. It was a bit labor intensive. Or maybe the job seemed more daunting since I was working one handed. The other hand was busy holding up an 21 pound baby on my hip.
This is the result of my work though:

That will be enough for us for another year and we can still give away a couple of jars to family or friends.

I also took the opportunity that I had the food processor out to make some more baby food: pear puree. I also kept some of the peach pulp for baby food too (before adding the sugar).

You can find the recipe I used to make this peach butter here.

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