Five Resources for Meal Planning

Today Meredith asked what are my five favorite resources for meal planning. First I want to start by confessing that I have not been good about doing this lately, with the new baby and all. but I need to retake this habit as it is what helped us save the most on our grocery budget.

My top resources are:

  1. My cookbook. I have a thick binder with recipes I have compiled through the years. Each recipe is inside a clear sheet protector to prevent ruining the pages in the inevitable spill.
  2. Magazine Subscriptions: We subscribe to Food and Wine and Saveur magazine and every month they give me ideas of recipes to try.
  3. Eating out: Actually cutting back on eating out, wanting to recreate some of these recipes at home gives me inspiration.
  4. My husband, I may not get tired of eating the same thing day in or out but he does, so his input is much appreciated.
  5. TV shows, although not too much lately.