FoodSaver® V2840 plus 7 Rolls of bags for $89.99 + Food Saver Challenge

There is an awesome deal right now on the FoodSaver® V2840.  Get the FoodSaver® V2840 plus 7 rolls of bags for just $89.99. To get this offer just use the code X1FV65A at checkout.

That’s an incredible value as these rolls of bags are usually $9.99 each.  You should be set on bags with these for a while.  Well, I guess it depends how often you use it.

Here is a Foodsaver challenge for you:

Recently I received vacuum sealer from Foodsaver to take part in their FoodSaver System Challenge.  Are you wondering how you could use a Foodsaver to save money?  Here are some of the things in my freezer that I have used this vacuum sealer on: goat cheese, frozen vegetables from the garden, cheap frozen turkey from Thanksgiving sales, cheap frozen butternut squash from Thanksgiving sales, meat bought in bulk and more.  I will be updating in the future with a video so you can check out how you can use one to save money.