FREE $10 – $23 Credit for Amazon Appstore!

Free Coins to Amazon Appstore

Alright! Right now you can get 1,000 Amazon Coins to spend in the Amazon Appstore when you “purchase” five FREE apps! Each free app you purchase gives you 200 coins. Amazon Coins are each worth $.01, so 200 coins is equivalent to $2 and 1,000 coins is equal to $10.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to download these apps to your device – you just have to purchase them to get your coins. So, even if an app isn’t compatible with your device, you can still get the coins. I found that it was easier for me to just use a computer instead of my tablet to go through this whole process, since my tablet wasn’t compatible with all of the apps below.

Before you download these apps, make sure they’re still free!

Free Coins

Here are the five free apps you can download for 200 Amazon Coins ($2) each:

If you purchased all of them, you should have 1,000 coins in your account, which is equivalent to $10. Now, if you just want 1,000 Coins, you can stop here. However, you can more than double this amount with the next step…

Right now, you can also earn 2,000 Amazon Coins ($20) when you purchase Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for $6.99 or 699 coins.

GTA Page

Use the Amazon Coins you just earned from purchasing the free apps above and you should end up with a balance of 2,301 ($23.01) Amazon Coins leftover!


As you can see from the image above, this app wasn’t compatible with the device hooked to my account, but it really didn’t matter. All you have to do is purchase the app, not install it.