Free Altoids, Free Halls and a Scenario for Double Dipping

Last night I visited my Walgreens to engage in some retail therapy after my grocery store dust up. Boy was I glad!

I wanted to pick up some Halls Cough drops. I need to get ready for this winter and I found Buy One Get One Coupons at my local Kmart. This is how I got paid to take ten bags of Halls cough drops:
24.90 ten bags of Halls Reg Price $2.49
-11.45 BOGO Halls coupons (up to $2.29 only)
-15 deducted by in ad coupon to bring price to 99 cents a bag
= -$1.55!

I also read on Hotcouponworld about the possibility of Free Altoids this week. They are on sale $2/2 after in-ad coupon and some people have found peelies for a dollar off on them. I never find coupons at my Walgreens so I never thought to check on this but I was surprised to find them. I took a few of them and still left a whole lot more behind. I even told the cashier so he could take advantage of the offer. Reader Andrea was right, Karma smiled on me last night.

Here’s a proposed scenario for today and tomorrow. It pains me to ask you to spend money out of pocket but my plan is to get you back in rebates or Register Rewards at least as much as you put out:
$5 two Ultra Clean Reach products (toothbrush or Floss)
$4.49 Crest Rinse Mouth Wash
$16.49 Loreal Revitalift Antiwrinkle Serum
$3.79 Pert Plus Shampoo
-2 two Reach coupons (if buying toothbrushes) from 6/8 inserts
-3 one Loreal Revitalift coupon from 7/20 inserts
-2 Pert Manufacturer coupon
-2.50 Pert October Easy Saver coupon
-5 $5 off $20 purchase Walgreens coupon
=15.27 out of pocket
But you get back $5 RR for Reach products, $4.49 RR for the Mouthwash and $20.28 in Rebates for the Loreal Serum and Pert for a gain of $14.50

Bonus Scenario (for those with sweet tooth)
$5 two Nabisco Cookies
$3.49 One gallon of milk
$3.79 Pert Shampoo
16.49 Loreal Revitalift Serum
-2 Pert Manufacturer coupon
-2.50 Pert October Easy Saver coupon
-3 one Loreal Revitalift coupon from 7/20 inserts
-5 $5 off $20 purchase Walgreens coupon
And you get back $3RR for the Nabisco cookies and $20.28 in rebates for the Loreal and Pert. That’s a gain of “only” $7.01 BUT you are getting Oreos and milk with this deal. You can’t say that’s not a sweet deal right there ;-P

Happy Savings!

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