Free Bag of Dog Food

Did you adopt a dog last year? If so, Pedigree wants to thank you by donating a month’s supply of dog food to you. To them this translates into a free 22lb bag of food. Here is the form you need to fill out to get your free bag of dog food. Even if you didn’t adopt, maybe you know someone who did, or like us you adopted but this is not the dog food you use; consider still submitting the form for the free bag of dog food and donate it to the rescue group or shelter you adopted from.
My husband and I are firm believers in adopting our pets. We have adopted three little pugs by using By adopting we have:
1) Given a second chance to an animal that was given up by its former family
2) Saved a lot of money. Puppies are expensive, be it from a breeder or (gasp) from a pet shop. We have paid no more than $250 adoption fee for a purebred dog.
3) Bypassed the pains of potty training a puppy. We have been lucky that the three adult dogs we have adopted have been 90% potty trained. They all required a little adjustment to their new home and routine but that has been it. This works great for working couples who don’t have the time to take a puppy out during the day or don’t have the money to hire a dog walker.
4) Been matched to a dog that fits our family. Every time we have adopted we have had the opportunity to obtain background information on the dog. How they are with kids, how active they are, etc. The adoption process can be a little time consuming but it is worth it and most of the times results in forever homes for the dogs.

Valentine’s Day is coming and a lot of people think this is the perfect gift for your significant other. So they head to the pet shop to get a little puppy. Please consider adopting a pet. You both will be thankful you did.