FREE CVS Weekly Deal Calculator Spreadsheet!

CVS Weekly Deal Calculator

Head over HERE to check out or download the CVS Weekly Deal Calculator!

I have to start this post by saying that I’m a huge fan of spreadsheets! I’m also a pretty big fan of couponing, so it just makes sense that I would love a spreadsheet to help organize a couponing trip!

We’ve been working on a simple way to organize and create shopping lists and track savings and discounts at certain stores. Because I love CVS so much, we started there. If you’re a CVS shopper, you might want to give this CVS Weekly Deal Calculator a try.

It’s a spreadsheet that you can move into your own Google docs that automatically figures out the final price of each item and weekly shopping trip at CVS. Just type in a little info…

  • the items you want to buy,
  • the price per item,
  • the quantity,
  • the quantity and value of manufacturer coupons,
  • store coupons you have,
  • percent off coupons that apply to regular priced items,
  • any ECB’s that will be generated,
  • and any ECB’s that you have to spend

…and the spreadsheet does the rest!

It will calculate the final cost of each item, the subtotal before coupons, total after coupons, total discounts, and your final out-of-pocket price after ECB’s.

I’ve already loaded some of the great weekly deals at CVS starting 7/27/14 into the spreadsheet. If you aren’t planning on getting these items, just delete them and enter your own info. There’s also an empty spreadsheet for the week of 8/3/14. You can right click on the sheet name at the bottom to copy the sheets for additional weeks or transactions.

Just don’t delete or change any of the data or numbers in the cells highlighted in RED, since these contain the formulas that make the whole thing work! However, if you make a mistake, just hold CTRL and tap Z to undo it.

If you want to move this spreadsheet into your own Google Drive, just head over to the CVS Weekly Deal Calculator Spreadsheet and click on File then Make a Copy… From there you can edit it with your own shopping list or download it onto your computer for offline access. You can also print it and take it to the store with you!

If you have any questions, need help, or accidentally deleted some red cell data (oops!), don’t hesitate to come back here and leave me a comment! Also, if this is helpful to you and you would like spreadsheets for more stores, let us know!