FREE Health Screening For The Public At Sam’s Club April 13th!

This Saturday, April 13th, Sam’s Club is offering free health screenings from a professional staff. These screenings can be valued up to $150! The screenings will only be available at Sam’s Club locations that have a pharmacy.

The screenings on Saturday are focusing on reinventing your health plan and will include the following tests: Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Total Cholesterol, Glucose and HDL Cholesterol (HDL), and Vision.

The website wasn’t specific on whether you need to have a membership or not. But it’s been reported that you might not need a membership to get on. So, be sure to check and find the closest location to you that is participating.

**Note: Sam’s Club offers free screenings monthly. Each month they focused on a different health condition. So be sure to check out their list and see what will be provided each month.