Free Home Depot Workshop: Yard and Garden Maintenance

Home Depot Do It Herself Workshop

Here’s a workshop I really need to attend and I bet I am not the only one.  Spring is finally here and after the snow melted, the dead plants left over from last year’s flower beds are staring back at me.  Landscaping or gardening in general is not my strong suit (except for the vegetable garden, I like that one).  I have planted perennials in the front of the house to keep maintenance to the minimum, but even those need my attention every year.  I would love to learn more about landscaping maintenance and how to transform and get an attractive garden with minimal expense.

To help me and possibly you improve our gardening skills, Home Depot is hosting a free Do-It Herself Workshop.   This workshop will be on May 14th from 7pm-8:30pm and will hopefully cover everything we need to know to improve our outdoors.  The timing is perfect for those who work outside the home as well as stay at home moms.  Hopefully the hubby is willing to chip in and stay with the kids while we learn about gardening.

What’s your biggest gardening challenge?  Mine has to be lack of discipline for sure.