Free Kindle Book: Fiction, Action, Mystery, Thrillers, Cookbooks, Non-Fiction, Children’s and More for 2/15

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Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger over at Jessica’s Coupons you’ll be able to check out this huge list of free kindle books currently available. 

Please note that Amazon changes their offers without notice, so please make sure they are still free before you start downloading them:


Mystery, Suspense and Thriller

Blood Forest (Suspense thriller)

The Ninth District – A Thriller

A Man Overboard

Elly’s Ghost

Playing with Poison

Touch and Go (A Mercy Watts Short)


Planning for Love (Aisle Bound)

Sweet and Wild

Maid for Me, Too

What Rumours Don’t Say

A Promise Worth Keeping

The Fate Of A Marlowe Girl (The Marlowe Girls)

Paranormal, Fantasy and Sci-Fi

The Golden Ashfruit (The Yggdrasil Saga)

Midnight in St. Petersburg (The Invisible War)

Bad Radio (The Emergent Earth)

Blood Type

Christian & Religious

The Envelope (The Envelope Series)

St. Anne’s Day

Far Country


Lady Francesca’s Legacy

Blue Rose In Chelsea

The Sisters Montclair


The Time Machine (Enriched Classics (Pocket))


Songs in the Key of Solomon: In the Word and In the Mood

How to Embrace a Minimalist Wardrobe – Making the Most Out of Your Closet!

The Frugal Life: The Simple Path to Living a Good Life on a Budget

Escaping the Vampire: Desperate for the Immortal Hero


Easy Cheesecake Recipes – 27 Simple And Easy Cheesecake Recipes

Healthy Ziploc Snacks: 40 Delicious “On the Go” Snack Recipes in a Ziploc Bag

38 Easy Casserole Recipes – Simple & Delicious Casserole Recipes

Favorite Fish and Seafood Recipes from the Coast of Maine (A Regional Cookbook)


Class Pet (Read Aloud for Children)

Tiddlywink the Mouse

The Little Werewolf Who Cried Vampire

Three Wee Peas: On the Farm


Chloe Diggins and The Eternal Emperor

Water Child, Book 2 – A Junior Novel (Nautical Mile Series)

Zelda and the Crystal Slippers (The Crystal Adventures)

A French Girl in New York

The Storm Bottle

A Star Girl

None of the Regular Rules

Remember that you do not need a Kindle e-reader to be able to read this book. You can read it on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. Just download for free the appropriate application to be able to do that. Amazon changes prices without notice, so make sure to check that the kindle price it is still $0.00 before you start downloading this book.

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