Free Kindle Book: Fiction, Action, Mystery, Thrillers, Cookbooks, Non-Fiction, Children’s and More for 4/24


Thanks to my friend and fellow blogger over at Jessica’s Coupons you’ll be able to check out this huge list of free kindle books currently available. 

Please note that Amazon changes their offers without notice, so please make sure they are still free before you start downloading them:


Mystery, Suspense & Action

Deadly Memories

City of Light

Rock & Roll Rip-Off

Henry Wood Detective Agency

Canal End (A Horse & Hounds Mystery)


Heartbreak, Tennessee

Love’s Second Chance

When Empires Fall

Legal Ease

Paranormal, Fantasy & Science Fiction

Twice Bitten: Dying of the Dark Vampires

Gull Harbor

Grishma (Necoh Saga)

How to Love a Princess

Christian, Religious & Historical

An Autumn Wind in Walnut Creek (Amish Orchards)

In the Company of Secrets

Dying to Run

Living with Fred


The Sisters Montclair

The Distant Shore

Wessingham Awaits

The Greeks of Beaubien Street


The Lost World


Silly Monsters ABC. A Silly Monsters Alphabet Book

Monsters with Undies on their Heads

Katy The One-Eyed Cat

If Dogs Could Do Chores


Ancient Fire: Danger Boy Episode 1

Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue

Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When

Young Adult

Song to Wake to

What I Didn’t Say

Bleeding Love

Night Marchers

Blue Sacrifice


The Spectre Society


Miracles: 32 True Stories

The Best Way To Win Women: Their Minds, Hearts, and Bodies

Live, Love, Laugh and Laundry?

Parenting Boys

Sparkle: The Girl’s Guide to Living

Epic Text Fails!

Funny Cat Pictures

Natural Green Home Cleaning For Beginners


Simply Delicious Cookies

The Coffeeist Manifesto: No More Bad Coffee!


30 Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipes


Remember that you do not need a Kindle e-reader to be able to read this book. You can read it on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. Just download for free the appropriate application to be able to do that. Amazon changes prices without notice, so make sure to check that the kindle price it is still $0.00 before you start downloading this book.