Free Loreal Shampoo/conditioner at Walgreens all month long *but*

I was by my local Walgreens last night, checking something out and found this: Loreal Hydragloss Shampoo and conditioner is on Megasaver all month long (or thru 7/26 to be more exact) and it is buy one get one free. This Sunday some areas will get a coupon for buy one get one free of this Hydragloss shampoo. I say some areas because my area never gets the Loreal coupons. So this is s deal I may be sitting out. If you get the coupon, you may be able to get two bottles of this product if you combine the store offer with the coupon. However this depends on whether your cashier will let you do that. So your mileage may vary on this one.

Now for the *but* part: It’s been reported that in the August version of the EasySaver catalog there will be an $1 off coupon for Loreal shampoo/conditioner. Suddenly, this offer turns into a moneymaker. The August version of the Easysaver catalog is usually available the last two days of the July period. You should be able to get overage by combining these coupons July 25th and 26th.

I hope my in laws bring me their inserts when they come visit. They live in Chicago and they get all of the good coupons. I don’t need shampoo but overage could pay for a dozen eggs 🙂

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