Dead: Almost Free Mac and Cheese and Planters Nuts at Walgreens

Friday 5/20 and Saturday 5/21 ONLY!

Forget about expired Mac n Cheese, run to your Walgreens for some non-expired FREE Mac and Cheese AND Nuts. Here’s the deal:

Planters Nuts are spitting out an $5 RR wyb a certain number of items. Details here. Credit to Stifflersmmom and khmiller at HCW for sharing this.
If so, you can buy 12 boxes of Kraft Mac n cheese on sale through Saturday for 0.69 with 7 day coupon
8.29 (12*0.69, must use 7 day coupon in circular)
6.98 four planters nuts on sale BOGO
-12 four $3 off planters IP wyb three kraft product (you will need access to two computers to get four coupons)
=3.27 + tax out of pocket and get $5 register reward back!!

If you only have access to two coupons or can only use two coupons you can do this:
6.98 for four Planters
4.14 for six boxes of Mac and Cheese
= 11.12
– 6.00(2 planters Q’s)
= 5.12 + tax, get $5RR So, it is still just cents for the whole package.


I went to the store to check this deal and the Planters are ringing
3.49 one can of Planters
0.00 free can
3.49 one can
0.00 free can

So you can only use two of the coupons because the third will beep and it will depend on your cashier if s/he pushes it through or not. I recommend you do the second deal variation: buy 4 Planters and 6 boxes of Mac and Cheese at a time for 12 cents after the register rewards is factored in. This is also a great way to roll those Oral B Cross Action RRs from this week offer as well. I bought the nuts first, then the toothbrush using the Planters RR to pay for them and then used the Oral B RR to buy more peanuts and Mac and cheese.

Stock up your pantry for almost free!