FREE Nivea Lip Care Product Coupon – Still Available!

I just wanted to let you know that these coupons are still available so grab a camera and get your coupon! 

Did you know that Americans today touch their cell phones more than their loved ones? NIVEA conducted a study of 1,433 men and women and found that Americans are starving for affection and human connection. The results showed that while our display of affection has diminished, our need for it has not.

Help spread the word about “PDA Day” and go to their Facebook page for a free NIVEA Lip Care coupon.

All they have to do is: 

1.     Go to the specific tab on NIVEA’s Facebook page

2.     Upload a “PDA” photo of themselves and a loved one or friend (see guidelines)

3.     Get a coupon for a free NIVEA Lip Care product!

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